Release notes / Roadmap

Release notes


  • If a class has explicit [Indexed] and/or [PrimaryKey] attributes, the naming convention rules are not used
  • Added attributes [Column.NoPrimaryKey] and [Column.NotIndexed] to override naming convention rules


  • Added attribute [Relation.Preload] to auto-load relations
  • New LINQ extension methods IsAnyOf() and IsBetween(). For SQL data providers, both extension methods are translated to SQL "IN" and "BETWEEN" operators


  • Support for unique indexes (using the [Column.Indexed] attribute)
  • Postgres support for .NET Standard 1.3+
  • Support for executing stored procedures directly (on platforms that support it)


  • InsertOrUpdate and Save() will now work for any table with a primary key. If the database provider supports it, the generated SQL will perform the operation in one statement. If not, Iridium will first check if a record already exists before inserting or updating it.


Version 2.3

  • Support for user defined eager or lazy loading of specific fields (already supported for relations in v2.2.3)

Version 3.0

  • .NET Reactive Extensions support (for async DB access)
  • Drivers for popular NoSql databases
  • Code-first support for Composite Indexes
  • Oracle driver
  • Caching

Feature suggestions are welcome on the GitHub Issues page